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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 23, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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what we now know about that highway horror. the deadly pileup in the fog. how fast some of the drivers were going when that road disappeared. tonight, the reunion for one little boy. the greatest cape. families trying to sever ties for good. the american women cutting their hair to cut free from the powerful sect. and our amy robach goes in search of answers. and the beatles bombshell. the audition that was rejected. ♪ hoping for a shot but told they had no future. now, that beatles song could fetch a fortune. and good evening on this friday night. diane has the holiday off. and we begin here on black friday, with that feeding frenzy that unraveled across much of this country today. americans competing for deals. this image when the clock struck midnight at macy's here in
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midtown manhattan. 11,000 customers waiting in the middle of the night at that one store alone. and across the country, throughout the day today, along with the customers, the security guards, trying to keep the peace. and they were needed. look at this. just one of the flareups. two customers getting into a fight in a parking lot, a guard pulling one off the other. and when you widen out, you can see other customers in the crowd taking pictures with their cell phones. what happened to the holiday spirit? abc's john schriffen live tonight in columbus circle and john, you've got it all for us. good evening. >> reporter: david, good evening. all day, from shoppers, we've seen the good, the bad and the what were you thinking? when it comes to a discount, you might not believe what some people are willing to fight for. >> here we go! >> reporter: at midnight, when the gate went up, the crowd poured into this victoria's secret in tulsa. all for this. a pink shiny gift bag filled with purr fume and lotions. one of the deals that had black
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friday shoppers in a frenzy. from a scramble for dvds at a walmart in san diego. to this rush on a forever 21. >> people are going to get hurt! >> reporter: in massachusetts, a toddler loaded into an ambulance after he was left in a parked car at 1:30 in the morning while his caretaker went shopping at kmart. in san antonio, texas, a man tried to punch his way to the front of a line at sears. the los angeles police department deployed hundreds of extra officers and handed out shopping safety tips in local malls. >> so far, so good for the city of l.a. we've had a stronger presence, so, people can be out there and enjoy the day. >> reporter: and many shoppers today got just what they came for. >> we got boots, we got shoes, we got appliances. luggage. >> reporter: still, despite the throngs, this year, more people chose to shop from home. e-commerce sales are up 17%. a quarter of those purchases
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made on smartstones and tablets. the national retail federation is predicting a booming holiday. 5$586 billion in sales. up 4% from last year. and most of the black friday discounts will last through the weekend. but many retailers are already looking ahead to cyber monday, which brings a whole new set of online discounts. now, you can prepare and plan ahead for that, as well. many of the top retailers like best buy and amazon are offers previews on their websites right now. david? >> cue the siren tonight behind john schriffen in columbus circle. john, you've been a great sport for us. this has long been called black friday, of course, but the blk eyes, the bruises, the typical kay use has turned downright dangerous. how did we get to this point? abc's lindsey davis tonight inside this extreme shopper, this hunt for a steal. >> reporter: what looked a lot like survival of the fittest is really just the pursuit of that black friday deal.
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watch as the quest for pre-paid cell phones in georgia turned into a post-thanksgiving feeding frenzy. forget table manners. this walmart shopper literally chomping at the bit, appears to end up with someone's hand in her mouth. walmart says no one was injured. but this mob mentality is not surprising to those who have studied this frenzied black friday phenomenon. >> i think it is definitely the hunter/gatherer mentality. i'm going to go out and i'm going to hunt for the best deal. >> reporter: sipsychologists sa the stores with their doorbuster deals and limited time only creates an urgency? shoppers, an adrenaline rush that somehow makes battling these crowds seem all the more worthwhile. which might explain why in the midst of all this black friday chaos, these people are actually smiling. one study found perceived competition creates positive emotion, that the harder an item is to get, the more playful and excited a shopper feels.
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the long lines, the crowds -- >> it's worth it. >> it always fun to shop at macy's -- >> reporter: on black friday? >> yes. >> reporter: while many women consider shopping on black frimd as traditional as turkey on thanksgiving, for some men, ite. >> it feels like i've descended into hell. >> putting it mildly. linsey davis on the set. you navigated that crowd. pretty impressed. here is the big question. you talked to the pexperts toda. you can find the same deems closer to the holiday, right? >> reporter: it's true. some of the same deems you find on black friday, you can find later. and in some cases, even better. >> maybe we can dispute the crowds ourselves right here. thank you so much. it was a much calmer and more welcome seen on wall street today. the dow closing up above 13,000. a week straight of closing how. economists hoping all the shopping you just saw will provide the next boost to the economy. and to a developing story now out of new england tonight. an explosion in springfield,
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massachusetts. this camera capturing the explosion right when it happened. two buildings flattened, sending a huge cloud of dark smoke into the air. right now, it appears a natural gas leak could be the cause. we're told the impact could be felt miles away. to the weather now and to two real signs of what's come to. snow in michigan this evening at this college football game between northern illinois and eastern michigan. all part of a massive storm gathering steam. and the other headline? the plummeting temperatures. so, we bring in abc mrng jinger see. that system with all the snow, that's on the move tonight? >> reporter: that is. and, you know, we're going to drop off a little bit on the east coast, temperature wise but we're not going to get the snow. in places up in northern wisconsin, northern michigan, already 8 to 12 inches. let's see where that lake effect snoet moves now. still going to get a few more inches in parts of michigan and wisconsin, but look it from cleveland to buffalo, even someone's hometown named david muir, syracuse going to get
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snow. >> a shoutout tonight. you warned us last night, we felt the whiplash today with temperatures. >> reporter: and it was whiplash. let me show you the dramatic change that folks went through. start with chicago and what happens here on this graphic is, you're going to look on the left side, yesterday's high temperature. so, places like chicago made it to 63. on the right side, that cold blue number, 30. that's the current temperature. so, big 30 to 40 degree drop. and tomorrow morning, just so all of you know, if you are putting out the holiday lights, look at how cold it's going to be. 22 chicago, 24 st. louis, 30, even, in memphis. so, this goes to the south, too. david? >> we always appreciate the heads up. ginger zee. thank you. it was last night here we showed you the dramatic pictures, how the weather, the fog created a holiday nightmare on a texas highway. these images taken moments after those hundred cars collided on that highway, two people were ki killed, more than 100 injured. tonight here, abc's ryan owens in texas with what authorities are now saying this was more than fog. it was a deadly combination of speed and a disappearing highway.
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>> reporter: it took investigators more than 24 hours to untangle the mess of metal left on this texas highway. police estimate drivers were going between 60 and 80 miles an hour when fog reduced visibility to almost nothing. experts advice drivers caught in blinding fog to slow down and roll down the window. you might hear a nearby car even when you can't see it. >> it just takes one person to hit their brakes. >> reporter: we told you about this 5-year-old boy who was injured when a big rig rear ended his mom's suv. before damian ortiz went to the hospital, he and his mother used the turkey they were traveling with to make sandwiches for the others injured. the little boy was determined to salvage the holiday, even though he had just lost his puppy, bo. the dog was thrown from the car in the collision. late last night, this tow truck driver untangling all those cars spotted bo. and tonight, little damian's good thanksgiving deed was paid back. ryan owens, abc news, dallas.
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>> our thanks to ryan. glad to see that reunion today. overseas tonight, and to the middle east now, that truce between israel and hamas holding. but now, a brewing crisis in egypt. giant protests because of their new leader and what he's done. president mohamed morsi, seen here with secretary of state hillary clinton, helping to broker that truce, but right after, a push from morsi for more power. many of the people of egypt said not so fast, and the protests are growing now. abc's matt gutman in the region again tonight for us. >> reporter: with massive protests, a cloud of tier gas, egypt is again in turmoil tonight. the violence, a reaction to egypt's first democratically elected leader, mohamed morsi, declaring all his presidential decisions are exempt from appeal or review by law makers or the courts. protesters torching a muslim brother office in alexandria and mohamed elle bar are detweeting,
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he appointed himself egypt's new f farrow. >> just months ago, morsi was obscure before being elected in may, shooting to international prominence this week by brokers the hamas/israel cease-fire. solidifying himself as a key u.s. al li. >> i want to thank president morsi for his personal leadership to deescalate the situation in gaza and end the violence. >> it put the united states in an awkward situation to have to criticize a partner that it is clearly now has to rely on in the region. >> reporter: now, the state department says this is an issue of international concern. but morsi is saying this is only temporary, that he will relinquish those powers once the constitution is completed. but he's extended the deadline for that until late february. david? >> matt gutman in tel aviv tonight. matt, thank you. back here at home now, anded to a much different protest unfolding inside a tight knit and secretive sect in arizona. women now fighting back.
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abc's amy robach getting answers tonight. >> reporter: while warren jeffs no longer lives here, his presence is everywhere. >> we miss our prophet. >> reporter: and the control her exerts from behind bars is palpable. the entire time we're in colorado city, jeffs secret police, known as the god squad, is watching us constantly. so, they're following us. >> they know who we are. they took pictures of the vehicle. >> reporter: this is our guide. there they are again. so, we decide to confront them. what are you doing? excuse me. excuse me! hello? abc news began investigating jeffs' control last year, after jeffs began ordering bizarre edicts to followers from prison. the most destructive? banishing hundreds of men, women, even children from the community. >> he says, i never thought this day would come. i'm asked to leave and go far
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off to repent. >> reporter: suzette steed's husband was cast out. >> he just kept grabbing my hand. >> reporter: then, she was banished, as well. she took her children with her. why do you think your mom was asked to leave? >> mom was one to ask questions. she wanted to know where her future was. >> reporter: that was ten months ago. now, the children are in school, but still caught between words. women in the flds never cut their hair. >> we are trained that your hair is your crown and you need to keep it up on your head. >> reporter: so, when they make the decision to cut it, it's a milestone on their way to a new life. >> what do you want to do? >> i want bangs and short as her hair is. >> that was quite a time for us. >> reporter: you get emotional when you talk about it. >> we have to move on in life and leave things behind. >> reporter: leaving their past behind and their father, who is still trying to return to the church, meaning these children
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will likely never see him again. amy robach, abc news, colorado city, arizona. >> our thanks to amy this evening. she reports a riveting hour tonight on "20/20," breaking polygamy. that's at 10:00 p.m. and another image this evening. this one in washington. the first family welcoming the first christmas tree. arriving from a farm in north carolina. >> i think we'll take it. do you agree? >> i agree. >> yeah? >> i do. >> reporter: the first lady and the first daughters there giving a thumbs up. the tree is a go. there is still much more ahead here on "world news" on a friday night, including the beatles bombshell this evening, that famous audition, the man who rejected the beatles after hearing this. ♪ i ♪ i saw a girl in my dreams >> nick watt tonight on the song and what could be sweet justice for the beatles. why that music could now make a mint.
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to this day, it is hard to imagine anyone rejecting the beatles. but it did happen, and tonight, the music from that audition is back. and about to make a lot of money. here's abc's nick watt. ♪ i ♪ i saw a girl in my dreams >> reporter: 1962, before wingo joined the band, the silver beatles recorded a demo. ♪ searching ♪ yeah searching ♪ search >> reporter: no thanks, said decker's a and r man.
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you've got no future, he famously decreed. >> certainly a misfire. but not like this was just an absolute blind spot for him. i think these recordings are very uneven. ♪ i want to hold your hand >> reporter: two years later, "i want to hold your hand" was number one and the beatles landed at jfk to beatle mania. their rejected demo goes under the hammer in london next week, a monument to missed opportunity. these things happen..k. rowling publishers. the man who rejected the beatles did okay in the end. he signed the rolling stones and the fab four bounced back, still, the best selling band in history. ♪ three cool cats ♪ three cool cats >> reporter: nick watt, abc
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news, los angeles. >> our thanks to nick tonight. when we come back here tonight, look here, side-by-side. the movie and now the real thing. you have got to see this, after the break.
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we're going to turn now to the "instant index" here on a friday night. and a special sldelivery of shorts. one of the pictures tonight. the spiral at the top of the world trade center. the giant crown is finally on its way to new york city. 408 feet tall, it's being hauled to new york from canada by land
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and barges by sea. it's in 18 pieces right now. take about three months to build once it is here. another picture tonight. you remember that movie, "up" and now a man taking that movie to real life heights. jonathan trappe recreating a movie scene flying in a small house, right here, attached to helium balloons. he says this is just the beginning. he plans to ditch the house and cross the atlantic in a lifeboat that will float in the air well above the water, attached to an even larger cluster of balloons. something else soaring tonight. the number that makes the "instant index." $325 million. that's the amount of the power ball jackpot. right now, the fourth large nest power ball history. and it's only going to get bigger by tomorrow night. could make someone very thankful this holiday weekend. we love for you to tweet us @dianesawyer, @davidmuir, what catches your eye. and when we come back on the broadcast tonight, a tv dad and that trademark sense of humor. >> good night, baby. >> good night, daddy.
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>> and i didn't even have to buy her dinner. >> tonight here, going home with bill cosby, as he remembers more than just his tv family. he's our "person of the week."
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and finally tonight here, our "person of the week." long after playing cliff huxtable and his beloved tv family, tonight, bill cosby remembering his real life family and their struggles, saying thank you to the people who helped them. ♪ nicknamed america's dad, dishing out advice coupled with that trademark sense of humor. >> i did it. i'm sorry and i should be punished. >> we know it, we accept and you will be. >> reporter: we all remember that warning from dad. >> i am your father. i brought you in this world, and i'll take you out. >> reporter: the cosby show breaking barriers at the time, reflecting the truth for many african-american families who, up until that point, hadn't seen a celebrated family portrait quite like that one on television. educated, successful, well off. >> bravo. >> reporter: but if bill cosby's tv family was wealthy and secure, his own childhood was anything but. the oldest of four brothers,
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growing up on the tough streets of philadelphia. >> there were times when there was only two checks a month. but there were programs for the kids within the housing project. >> reporter: those programs a lifeline for cosby's struggling moment, anna, who tirelessly cleaned houses, trying to make ends meet while his father was away in the navy. >> if you needed a dentist, if you broke your arm, there was a service. there was something that took care of you and as a child, it was sort of magic. >> reporter: that same magic, years later, driving him to get involved with 11 street health service in that same neighborhood he remembers as a little boy. visiting patients, attending cooking classes. performing at a benefit. knowing first hand the lifeline they gave him and his family. >> my mother had no money. my brother was taken care of
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medically and, so, organizations, this kind of help, very, very important. >> reporter: those struggles, that sense of community have long been a thread in his comedy, as far back as "fat albert." the importance of community, of family, also portrayed on "the cosby show" when it started more than 30 years ago. ♪ baby ♪ baby >> we can come together and work together with each other. we give to each other. one of the most important things taught in most cultures is to give a part of one's earnings, to give a part of one's good luck. >> reporter: and so we choose bill cosby, who proves you can always go home and you can always give back.
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i'll see you here this weekend. for diane and all of us here at abc news, good night. next at 6:00 holiday tragedy on a bay area freeway. tonight looking for answers in a crash that killed two members of a peninsula family. >> also, moving out after being ordered out by residents of a marina aren't giving up hope of returning. >> black friday, raging on. we'll show how stores are making it easier, more tempting for to you spend your money. >> and a record number of rush returning to rivers and streams. >> a desperate effort to save lives after an sfv slams into
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a cruiser. >> good evening. >> good evening. six members of a family in that car apparently returning home after a morning of shopping. a ep family member tells us 2004 dead, four others injured. the crash on northbound 101 in palo alto just before 7:00 this morning. it blocked trafrk for hours while authorities investigated. we're live where the most critical victims were taken. john? >> yes. two of the seriously injured are here a mother and 20-year-old daughter. relatives came out extolled us that a second daughter had passed away. however, chp is making it clear that snot confirmed at this point. py is a 24-year-old daughter set to be a brand new bride in just a month or so. the shopping trip


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